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A Judas goat is trained to hang out with a herd of sheep, and then lead them into a slaughterhouse while its own life is spared. Our tendency to follow our flawed instincts is why God gave us moral laws to keep us from self-destructing. God gave these laws to Moses after he delivered ancient Israel from Egyptian slavery. That ancient nation followed them until Joshua’s generation died out. Then they abandoned God’s laws and copied immoral practices in their land. These evil practices were like Judas goats. They led people away from God’s moral laws, which caused them to self destruct. In so doing, they lost God’s protection and provisions. We read in Judges Chapter 4, “They abandoned the LORD to serve Baal. … This made the LORD burn with anger so … He turned them over to their enemies … and they were no longer able to resist them.” Judas goats still exist. They arethe schemes that promise shortcuts to pleasure, health, wealth, and power, but end in self-destruction. God offers to help us resist if we accept His Son and humbly depend upon His Spirit to give us inner strength. He will help us to resist these Judas goats and live to please Him.

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