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At UMI, we offer a wide array of publications and media products that speak directly to African American culture. Designed by leading Christian educators, the material includes comprehensive teaching guides, Sunday School curriculum, intensive Bible studies, kid-friendly Vacation Bible School activities and so much more! Pastors will love our bible commentaries, all written by some of the most prolific black theologians in the country, while Sunday School teachers will appreciate our helpful leader’s guides, which make lesson planning a breeze. So whether you are in leadership at your church or just an individual with a desire for more in-depth study of God’s Word, UMI has you covered.

Christian Curriculum

Designed to make God’s Word clear and meaningful to everyone, whatever their age or level of spiritual maturity.

Vacation Bible School

Our Jesus the Kingdom Builder curriculum has exciting activities to engage participants of all ages as they learn how to build . . . and rebuild . . . their families, churches, and communities with practical principles from God’s Word. 

Precepts for Living

Precepts for Living® is an indispensable resource for all who desire to deepen their knowledge, understanding, and application of the truth of God’s Word — particularly those who serve as teachers and leaders in the church.

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