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When a mortgage has been paid off, some people like to celebrate by burning the mortgage papers. It’s a great relief knowing the debt is gone. In fact, we often celebrate when almost any goal is reached. That’s what Deborah and Barak did after they defeated their archenemy. We find in Judges Chapter 5 that the Canaanite army had harassed their nation for 20 years. Finally, in response to the people’s repentance and prayer, God helped them defeat their enemy. Based on God’s word to the prophetess Deborah, she challenged Barak, her nation’s general, to muster their army to confront their enemy. But Barak was timid and refused to go unless Deborah went with him. So she accompanied him and the LORD gave them the victory. That victory was a cause for celebration. And we discover in their celebration that Deborah and Barak were very careful to give God the credit for their victory. God is pleased when we celebrate our victories, but He is most delighted when we recognize Him as the real source of our achievements.  

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