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The United States operates with three branches of government—the Legislative branch makes laws, the Executive executes laws, and the Judicial branch interprets laws and settles disputes.  Both men and women serve as judges in our country. Long ago in ancient Israel God raised up Deborah to serve as a judge. While her primary role was to settle disputes among people, she also had the distinction of being a prophetess—a spokesperson for God. We are introduced to her in the book Judges Chapter 4. She held court under a palm tree. People came to this gifted woman who knew how to listen to both sides of issues and arrive at an impartial decision. Justice is one of the most crucial issues in our world. Injustice creates turmoil between individuals, among nations, within families, between ethnic groups—to name just a few areas. God’s people have a wonderful opportunity to show the rest of society what justice looks like. As we practice love and fairness in our families, within the Body of Christ, and toward our neighbors near and far, as Jesus taught us to do, we become models for the rest of society.

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