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Dr. Willie Wilson of Chicago uses his resources to assist ex-offenders who need a second chance. Some people are charged with crimes but have no bail money so they languish in jail for months. Others when released have no money to restart their lives. Dr. Wilson’s efforts remind me of Nicodemus. After visiting Jesus one night, he came away with a new understanding of God, of God’s purpose and plans through Jesus whom God sent into the world. His new perspective of Jesus was evident in the way he later treated the crucified body of our Lord. We find in John CH 19 that he boldly went to Pilate and requested the crucified body of Jesus. He then gave our Lord a royal burial in his own new tomb with 75 pounds of spices. Nicodemus’ act of love and respect prepared the setting for our Lord’s resurrection. The message, “He is not here” meant the resurrected Jesus was no longer in Nicodemus’ tomb. Rather, the Messiah is now elevated as the highest authority in the entire universe. By using his ability, influence, and resources Nicodemus fulfilled his role in God’s Kingdom agenda. Today each of us has the same privilege and opportunity.

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