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Cell phones and I-phones are amazing devices for communication. But unless they are charged, they are useless. So power chargers are critical. The same thing is true for people. God created us to need and have Him as a power source so we could function as we should. When we are disconnected from Him, we have a power failure, unable to function as He desires. Here’s an illustration in Numbers Chapter 21. God delivered His people from slavery, led them to the brink of the Promised Land; but when the going got tough, they began to complain and blamed God for their hardships. To stir their faith God let fiery serpents bite and kill many of them. They pleaded with God to take away the snakes. God refused, but told Moses to make a brass snake, put it on pole, and when a snake bit someone, the person could look in faith toward the snake and be healed. Jesus later cited this incident to show that, like the snake, He would be lifted up on a cross, and all who look to him by faith can be healed of their sin. Based on our faith in His Son, God will forgive us, accept us, and give us the power to function as He designed us and wants us to function.

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