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Poverty in our world is sad reality. The United States gives 140 poorer nations nearly $40 billion each year. Even so, this is less than 1% our total $4 trillion budget. In our country, 46 million people live in poverty, even though two-thirds of them work every day. As followers of Christ, our love for Him compels us to show kindness for the less fortunate. We recall how Jesus went about doing good to all who were in need-the religious and non-religious alike. He made no distinction. The Book of Acts, by precept and example, shows how leaders in the early church urged God’s people to take serious our duty to help those in need. In Titus chapter 3, the Apostle Paul gave his fellow worker, Titus instructions for the church in Crete. He told Titus to urge God’s people to take serious their social responsibilities-to each other, the government, and the public. He told them do good toward others who may not share their faith or values. He said do it because God showed such great kindness to us despite the many ways we violate His perfect holiness. So generosity and kindness toward all people should be a way of life for everyone who follows Jesus Christ.

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