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One lawmaker says sex slavery in our country is spreading like wildfire. Some claim pimps kidnap up to 300,000 girls as young as 11 and make sex slaves out of them for profit. As repulsive as this is, another form of slavery is equally obnoxious to God—the uncontrolled passion many have for pleasure, money, and power. In his letter to Titus (Chapters 2 and 3), the Apostle Paul describes the incomparable grace God showed when Jesus Christ died for our sins. But Paul then challenges us who accept this grace to prove our gratitude by the way we live. He says God’s grace teaches us to turn from godless living and sinful pleasures. It teaches us to anticipate the day when Jesus will return—when He completes the salvation He died to give us. He says the grace that saves us also teaches us—to submit to our government and do good in the community. He explains that before Christ saved us we were all slaves to our sinful passions, full of evil and envy, and we hated each other. But after God declared us “Not Guilty” because of our faith in His Son, God expects us to have a different lifestyle. We can do so because God has sent His Spirit to live in us. God enables us to say no to evil passions, and yes to values that please Him. God’s children reject slavery of every sort—chattel slavery, sex slavery, and yes, slavery to our evil desires.</p?

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  • Yiyi then immediately turn on the TV to see if there is no local news, especially the Great Wall Hotel just shooting incident, but not all the channels searched the reports in this regard, Liu Yiyi fearful on bath room of Xu Meng said: This impede Security is certainly a case to be ** estimate the presence of the people will be regulated. Fortunately, we go fast, otherwise these days is not free of

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