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The United Nations started after World War II. Its purpose is to keep peace throughout the world; to foster friendly relations among nations; to help people live better lives, and to eliminate poverty, disease, and illiteracy. Some would argue that the verdict still out on how successful the UN has been. However, so far, it has prevented another world war, and thereby achieved relative peace. King David envisioned a world with peace and justice under the rule of Yahweh–the supreme God of the universe. He expressed this idea in a song he wrote, recorded in 1 Chronicles 16. He cites three reasons why the world should recognize and worship God as the supreme Ruler of the universe. First, he says, God created everything that exists. Since God created you, me, and everything else, God deserves our allegiance. Secondly, David asserts that God sustains everything that exists. Not only did God create all things, God keeps all things functioning. Without God’s power to sustain it, the entire universe–including all the living beings–would collapse. Thirdly, David declares that the destiny of the created order rests with God alone. God will decide what will happen to the universe–including what will happen to you and me. In view of such compelling considerations, we ought to do ourselves a huge favor. Accept God’s right to rule. Submit to God and to His Son, Jesus the Christ.

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