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We Americans honor and respect the United States Constitution. We value it because it is the framework for our government, and it is the supreme law of the land. In a far more profound way, we honor and respect the Ten Commandments. Even though the Ten Commandments were originally a part of a covenant God made with ancient Israel, we believe that God gave them as a moral code for all people for all time. Dr. Earl Kalland who served on the committee to produce the NIV Study Bible says, “No other short list of commands begins to compare with the effect these have had in world history. In spite of being constantly broken, they stand as the moral code par excellence.” We read in Deuteronomy 5, that when God gave these Commandments, God spoke with a loud voice, from the fire, surrounded by clouds and deep darkness. Moses says God wrote them on two stones. The Commandments reveal, not only God’s moral laws, they reveal God’s holiness, God’s glory. When we break them, we trampled on God’s glory. Sadly, down through history we have repeatedly broken these moral laws. It is why God devised another way for us to attain right standing with God. God sent His Son to die for our sinfulness. Now that Jesus Christ has died and risen again, God graciously declares righteous those who place their faith in Him. What a wonderful God we have.

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