Jealousy is the resentment we often feel when we see others being successful, gaining recognition, or appearing to be better than we are. People who are overcoming jealousy tend to have a high sense of self-worth. They celebrate success of others, while being grateful for their own blessings. They are not constantly seeking approval from others, or comparing themselves to others, and they don’t low-rate or try to bring others down. It’s pretty obvious that the religious leaders who stoned Stephen were jealous of him. We read in Acts chapter 6 that he was “a man full of God’s grace and power, performed amazing miracles and signs among the people.” His ministry was effective, bringing many people to become followers of Christ. Jealous onlookers tried to debate with him but when they failed to match his wit and wisdom, they started demonizing him, to cut him down, accusing him of breaking their laws and demeaning their temple. Low-rating and demonizing people who outdo us are marks of jealousy. We ought to rejoice at how God endows and blesses others even as we find joy and satisfaction in God’s blessings to us.

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