Back in the late ’70s, Rick Warren researched the population in Saddleback, California, in order to start a church. After identifying the unmet spiritual needs of the people, he began to plant the church. He used the biblical principles found in the book of Acts chapter 2. There we read that on the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit arrived and baptized all the people gathered in the Upper Room. It made such a commotion that crowds of people came together to see what was going on. Peter preached to the crowd and 3,000 responded to accept and follow Christ. Luke then says these new converts demonstrated their commitment to their faith by submitting to the apostles’ teaching, by worship, staying connected, and helping each other with their material needs. There were no big “I’s” and little “You’s” among them. Those principles, along with a clear presentation of the Good News, caused the church to grow. Rick Warren, and now many other leaders, believe these same principles still apply. And whether or not they result in huge churches, the principles constitute a healthy spiritual diet that can produce mature followers of Christ.

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