Children will be going back to school soon! Parents, caregivers, and Sunday School teachers can use a portion of family time or class time to help students prepare for the new school year.

Mother and daughter doing homework together


Help your child or student to:


  1. Organize an after school schedule such as the following:

    Rest and play 3:30-4:30

    Snack 4:35-4:50
    Homework 5:00-6:00
    Dinner 6:05-6:45
    Homework 7:00-8:00
    Prepare for next day 8:05-8:30 (clothes, hair, books, etc.)
    Free time 8:35-9:00
    Reading Bible and prayer 9:05-9:25
    Lights out 9:30

    Short spaces of time are allowed between activities so that the boys and girls don’t feel pressured in jumping from one activity to another. Adjustments may be made to this list. Personally review each list and give every child your stamp of approval.


  1. Learn the importance of goal setting.

In fact, the above activity is a form of working toward a goal! Discuss with them the need for deciding what’s important. For younger children, start a list and allow them to build from your suggestions. Afterward, review and approve their work. Be sure their goals are reasonable for each of them. Some examples are:

To complete every homework assignment on time.
To do my very best in all my subjects.
To attend school every day.
To be obedient to my teacher.
To be considerate of my classmates.
To participate in special activities.
To make the Lord a part of my school life.
To tell others about the Lord.

Rather than set goals for specific grades (especially in instances where the student is likely to have trouble reaching that goal or be embarrassed if his ability is not as great as another’s) ask them to state the goal as, “Getting the best grade I can.”


  1. Select from the Scriptures an appropriate verse(s) to learn and take as their motto for the school year.

One that comes readily to mind is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

You may select other verses or ask them to select their own. All verses should state definite principles of obedience, learning, study, and excellence. For younger children, make a list of Scriptures from which they can choose. For older children, let your list be one of Scripture location and have the child find the verse in the Bible.

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