An informal survey of 107 Sunday sermons showed sixty-nine dealt with doctrinal beliefs, but only nine dealt with social issues like sexuality, family, and social justice. It seems like sermons today tend to avoid hot topics. But while that may be true in many modern sermons, God’s messengers in the past have courageously dealt with a whole range of crucial concerns. That includes Amos, God’s messenger to ancient Israel. We read in Amos chapter 7 that God called him from taking care of animals and sycamore trees to warn his people about their moral and social sins. He told them God’s judgment was coming because they refused to repent. One local religious leader told Amos to shut up, to stop talking about God’s plan to punish the nation for its moral failures. In reply, Amos told that job-protecting priest that God called him to deliver the message he gave. Today, some ministers may avoid touchy subjects like immorality and social justice, sticking only to non-touchy doctrinal issues, or popular health and wealth topics. Yet God wants us to know all truth He has given us in the Bible, even though it has to be understood in its context and applied to life today.

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