The Miniature Earth is a teaching device that views our world as if it had only 100 people. Viewed this way, 50 would be men, 50 women; 51 would live in urban areas; 14 would have a disability; 33 would be Christians, 22 Muslims; 15 would be underfed; 37 would lack clean water; 48 would live on $2 a day; 80 would live on $10 a day; Viewing the earth as if it had only 100 people helps to explain the real world. God wanted us to understand the nature of our lost condition and His plan to bring about our salvation. So at Mount Sinai, God revealed Himself as holy and unapproachable. Only God-approved priests dared to approach Him with God-approved sacrifices on behalf of the worshipers. That plan served until God sent His Son into the world. Christ offered a perfect sacrifice to truly atone for sin and make believers acceptable to God. The writer in Hebrews chapter 9 said, “With his own blood–not the blood of goats and calves–he entered the Most Holy Place [Heaven] once for all time and secured our redemption forever.” Today, in response to God’s amazing salvation, we honor Him by loving all people, by promoting justice and His Kingdom agenda.

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