Here are some reasons people give for not going to church: I’m too tired—I worked all week; too may hypocrites; too many sinners; I’m too young; l have nothing to wear; I listen on the radio or watch TV; the service is too long; the choir is too loud; service is too boring; it’s too hot; I went to church last year. Despite the excuses people use for not going to church, the writer of Hebrews chapter 12 urges followers of Christ to gather with God’s people. He says, “Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God.” A local church is a part of the universal Church, which Christ died to save. By attending, we show respect and acceptance of those whom Christ loves and calls His own. He said where two or three gather in my name, I will be there. If we fail to meet with His people, we miss His special presence. God established the local church so people can have places to learn about Him–to publicly worship Him, to share stories of God’s working among them; a place where they can use their gifts to serve one another and be served. All these activities help us grow so we can function more effectively at home, church, and community.

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