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Asa Candler, an early president of the Coca-Cola Company, bought the Coke formula in 1887. Since then, the company has never revealed the Coke secret as it built its global multibillion-dollar enterprise. When God created us, he gave us everything we need to function, including a body that performs all the functions we need to live on earth. He also gave us intellect, emotions, and a free will. But God reserved the secret sauce within himself, informing us that to function best we must maintain a vital relationship with Him. Sadly, we humans rejected God’s plan and ever since creation, we chose to live apart from God. Today, despite our rebellion, God invites us into a restored relationship with Him so we can fulfill His perfect will for us in the world. God even permits trouble to overtake us to remind us that we cannot function successfully without Him. But when we do come to God by faith in His Son and ask His Spirit for wisdom and enablement, He gives us power to live successfully in the world. We can pray with the writer of Psalm 69, “Answer my prayers, O LORD, for your unfailing love is wonderful.”

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