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Selecting good leaders is critical for the success of any organization. Here are some traits experts say we should look for in choosing a leader: A person who keeps their word, who keeps growing, is reliable, is accountable, is responsive, has high ethical standards, is assessable, and is transparent. Years ago, God criticized and later punished the leaders because they failed to lead as He expected them to. Their failure as leaders resulted in the people becoming scattered, exiled to many strange lands. Yes, God blamed the people for their covenant violations but he also blamed their leaders. We read this in Jeremiah chapter 23, “What sorrow awaits the leaders of my people – the shepherds of my sheep – for they have destroyed and scattered the very ones they were expected to care for. Instead of caring for my flock and leading them to safety, you have deserted them and driven them to destruction.” When leaders seek only their own wellbeing instead of the needs of the people they lead, they open themselves up for criticism and rejection. Effective leaders, like good shepherds, put people first.

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