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Both Pew and Gallop Surveys show that a third of Americans own guns, even though pollsters admit it’s hard to know if people tell the truth. Most say they own guns for protection. Certainly, the fear of danger can threaten our sense of security and cause us to seek protection in various ways. God created us this way, yet nothing we do can fully shield us from all the threats to our security. God wants us to know He is interested in both our physical and spiritual wellbeing. That was the message God sent through the prophet Joel. God had punished the people for their sins by letting a plague of locusts overrun and destroy their land. He told them if they repented He would take away the locusts. But God’s message went beyond this local calamity. God said a far greater disaster would come in the future. Yet if people turn from their sins and submit to God, He would forgive their sins; He would deliver them from calamity, and give them eternal life. We read in Joel CH 2, that everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved. So to be truly safe, guns are not enough. We must have a vital relationship with God through His Son Jesus.

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