When that plane hit the Pentagon September 11, 2001, a saintly woman was among those buried under the debris. When she realized she was not dead, she started to climb out. As she crawled, she bumped into others also trying to escape. She told them, “Follow me.” It seemed they would never find a way out; finally, they saw a speck of light coming from a window, but it was bulletproofed. They threw a fax machine and a computer to break it but it wouldn’t budge. Then she prayed, “God, you didn’t bring me this far to let me die.” Suddenly, that window frame cracked; they pulled out the glass pane and escaped. Faith is not mental assent that something is possible; it’s believing and acting. That is what Abraham did when God made him a promise. God told him to circumcise the men in his house as a sign of his faith that God would give him a multitude of offspring. We read in Genesis 17:23 that on the very day God spoke to him, he circumcised all the men in his family. He acted because he 2

believed God’s word. We will act too if we truly believe what God tells us in His word.

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