Run, Baby, Run, describes the life-changing experience of Nicky Cruz. He was born in Puerto Rico. At age 15, his parents sent him to live with his uncle in New York. But he ran away, joined a gang, and lived on the streets. After a few months, David Wilkerson met him and tried to lead him to Christ. Nicky resisted, slapping Wilkerson and telling him to leave him alone. But Wilkerson pursued him with the love of Christ, and eventually, Nicky gave his life to Christ. He then began leading others to accept Christ. His experience was somewhat like the Apostle Paul. On his way to arrest Christians in Damascus, Saul met Jesus and had a miraculous conversion. Later in Damascus he too began promoting the faith he once tried to destroy. Dramatic conversions are relatively rare, but they can and do take place. Such striking conversions often occur after people have lived a very wicked life and God graciously opens their eyes to realize they have been chasing fantasies. But how refreshing it is when a young child comes to Christ. That way, they can devote their whole lives to growing in their faith and devote themselves to serving our Lord.

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