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A silversmith is a person who fashions objects out of silver. To create beautiful long-lasting objects, the silversmith makes sure the silver has no impurities in it. To get them out, he heats the metal until all the impurities burn up. He is not satisfied until he can see himself reflected in the silver. Like the silversmith, God wants to see His character reflected in His children. Psalm 66 says, “You have tested us, O God; you have purified us like silver.” The psalmist celebrated that even though God had allowed him and his people to undergo trouble; those very trials had refined their character. The psalmist rejoiced that God not only manages the vast universe, God also directs the lives of those who trust Him. Depending on how we respond, life’s experiences serve to refine our character. God’s blessings can evoke praise and cause us to appreciate God’s love and provisions. Trials can cause us to draw near to God. During trials, we often shed those impurities that may be hindering our relationship with God. The psalmist rejoiced that just as God controls the universe, God manages the events that we encounter. For those who remain pliable, God is shaping us to reflect the likeness of His Son, Jesus. One day the Master silversmith will complete His work in us. At that time, He will be pleased to see Himself reflected in our character.

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