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Medical researchers now have vaccines that can help prevent certain cancers. Most of us know vaccines prevent viruses like measles and chicken pox. But researchers have discovered that the right vaccine can help prevent virus caused cancers too. They hope one day to have a vaccine that can prevent even non-virus caused cancer. The ultimate vaccine would be one that would prevent us from dying. Can you imagine that? Of course, the cure for death can only come from God our Creator. He alone has the cure for both physical and spiritual death. God’s Son Jesus took on a human body to bring a cure for spiritual death. By dying on the cross, He paid the sin-debt that caused spiritual death. When He arose from the dead, his resurrection means death has now been defeated. Now all who accept Him as their Savior receive forgiveness and eternal life. Even though we will all die to leave this world, believers in Christ will rise again to live forever as children of God. That is why we love Jesus and live to please Him. That is why we spread the News of His salvation. That is why we promote His Kingdom values of love, righteousness, and justice.

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