Though some scholars prefer to call America a tossed salad rather than a melting pot of ethnicities, it’s true people come here from all over the world. The census bureau identifies six ethnic groups in its statistics, yet there are at least forty more ethnic groups of a million people or more. The Great Commission Jesus left us is that we should share the Good News all over the world. Christ followers have used all kinds of methods to do this, yet who can ignore the simple way of sharing the Good News with one’s neighbor. It is striking that in giving orders to his apostles Jesus said they should begin in Jerusalem, then Judea, Samaria, and the rest of the world. He was careful to say they should not forget Samaria, neighbors many people wanted to avoid. We read in Acts chapter 8 that Philip the Evangelist obeyed Jesus by going to Samaria, and the results were outstanding. Since God has brought so many ethnic groups to our shores, we as followers of Christ might well introduce them to our Savior, not with pride as though we are superior, but as beggars who have found bread and wish them to know where they can find some too.

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