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Some time ago, violent water snatched two young boys from a mother’s arms in New York. The mother had banged on doors in her neighborhood begging for help, but no one came to her rescue. After losing her sons, to keep from drowning herself, she clung to a tree all night long. A rescue vehicle came along the next morning, but by then her boys had perishedall because her neighbors were indifferent. Jesus reacted to indifference of another kind. While here on earth, he performed miracle after miracle in various towns to substantiate his identity as God’s anointed Messiah. People in those towns admired his miracles and unusual teaching, but they refused to repent of their sins and trust Him. They remained woefully indifferent. We read in Matthew Chapter 11 that Jesus expressed extreme sorrow at this indifference toward Him and His message. Sorrow because he knew the consequences of indifference. Such people faced greater condemnation because they ignored such great opportunities to accept Him.  Jesus taught that the greater one’s exposure to the truth about Him, the more severe would be the consequences for rejecting Him.

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