Some time ago, two ships collided in the Black Sea off the coast of Russia. Hundreds of passengers died from being hurled into the icy waters. An investigation into the cause was alarming. The captain of each ship was aware of the other’s presence, but each captain was too proud to yield first. By the time they came to their senses, it was too late. But that was nothing compared to the pride of ancient Babylon. God said Babylon would ultimately be destroyed because of their pride. First, God let them punish ancient Israel because Israel failed to live up to their covenant obligations. The Babylonians destroyed Israel’s land and burned down their revered Temple. But after this victory, the Babylonians became proud of their accomplishments and power. God used Jeremiah to announce that their judgment was coming because of their pride. We read this in Jeremiah chapter 50: “‘See, I am your enemy, you arrogant people,’ says the Lord, the LORD of Heaven’s Armies. ‘Your day of reckoning has arrived—the day when I will punish you. O land of arrogance, you will stumble and fall, and no one will raise you up. For I will light a fire in the cities of Babylon that will burn up everything around them.” Pride is thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought to or thinking less of others than we should. The best way to overcome pride is to meditate on God and measure ourselves and others by His perfect character.

Dr. Melvin E. Banks, Sr. is the founder and chairman of UMI (Urban Ministries, Inc.). Under his direction, UMI has grown to be a leading publisher of Christian education resources for churches in the African American community. Read More

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