Fifty-one politicians in Illinois have gone to prison—including four governors. They never thought they’d get caught, which is what most law-breakers think. Long ago many people in ancient Israel broke God’s moral laws. They worshiped idols, cheated, robbed, and murdered others—thinking they would never be caught and brought to justice. God’s prophet Habakkuk complained to God about all the wicked behavior he saw. He asked God to do something. God assured the prophet that He was mindful of what was going on and had a plan to deal with it. God told Habakkuk that He had already arranged for the ruthless Babylonians to come and punish his people. What!? The prophet was appalled that God would use such a wicked nation to punish His people. But God assured Habakkuk that after the Babylonians punished Israel, He already arranged for another country to punish the Babylonians. Let’s face it—nobody avoids accountability before God. That’s why God invites us all to repent of our sins, to accept His forgiveness through Christ Jesus, and live for Him.

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