Baby pictures of elderly people show how much we change. It can be shocking. We are also surprised to see how renovation changes the look and character of neighborhoods. Then there are the changes we often see in the behavior of people who come to Christ. We marvel to see how very wicked people change to become upstanding believers and contribute to society. Another display of transforming power will take place when God restores the fortunes of ancient Israel. After they repeatedly violated the covenant they promised to keep at Mt Sinai, God dispersed them all over the world. But God promised through the Prophet Ezekiel, Chapter 37, to one day cause their dry bones to come together again, live, and exist as a nation. Yet an even more amazing change event than any of these will take place when Jesus Christ returns to claim His people. At that time, God will transform the physical bodies of all who have accepted Jesus as their Savior. The Bible teaches that we shall receive new spiritual bodies that will never ever die. No wonder we seek to live and serve God now. We’ve been promised a future that is out of this world.

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