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One man decided it was OK to list on his resume an academic degree he did not have, because he needed the job to take care of his family. He really felt good about himself when he got the job, thinking God had blessed him. Later, he was let go when his employer discovered he cheated. Sadly, many people believe the end justifies the means. That’s what happened to Samson. We find in Judges chapters 13 and 14 that the people of Israel sinned and God punished them by permitting the Philistines to oppress them. The time came when God decided to deliver them from the Philistines and intended to use Samson as his agent. Samson was incredibly strong physically, but beyond that, he was an egotistical, self-centered brat. He repeatedly violated God’s instruction that he live a separated lifestyle. But despite his failings, God used him to punish the Philistines. Sometimes God lets us have our way, and if we are not careful, we’ll think that He approves our actions. But the painful outcome might turn out to be God’s way of teaching us an important lesson. When we do wrong expecting good will come from it, we may be treading a path we will one day regret.

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