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Some 40% of Christians in America think Satan is just a symbol of evil, not a real being. Yet the Bible teaches that Satan is not just a symbol but an actual, though unseen, being. He opposes God and works to hinder God’s agenda in the world, often persuading and using people to assist him. He leads an army of fallen angels called demons to assist him. Jesus showed that demons can take up residence inside of those who yield to them. Satan tempts us to give in to temptations. He often snatches God’s word from people to keep them from responding to God. The Bible portrays him as cruel, always hostile to God and to God’s people. Rather than yield to him, the Bible urges us to stand firm against him, to resist him, and to use spiritual armor to oppose him-that armor includes knowing Christ, holding to the truth, standing for righteousness, clinging to faith, relying on God’s word, and constant prayer. In 1 Peter CH 5, Peter reminds us to stay alert for him because Satan “prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” Satan may be powerful but he is not all-powerful. By yielding to God, we can resist him, and gain the victory.

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