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The movie, Hidden Figures, highlights three African American women who once worked for the National Space Administration. They did the math calculations for astronauts to travel in space and return safely. As the space trip unfolded, the accuracy of their math in planning showed how skillful those three women were. Now on a far more profound basis we can see how well orchestrated Jesus’ crucifixion was. We read in John 19:23 that the soldiers at Jesus crucifixion cast lots for His garments. Hundreds of years before that event, the psalmist wrote this in Psalm 22:18, “They divide my garments among themselves and throw dice for my clothing.” John wrote that when the soldiers did this, they fulfilled the Scripture written long ago. Casting lots for Jesus’ garment showed contempt by the soldiers. But it revealed a divine arrangement for Jesus death and resurrection. His crucifixion was God’s plan for saving the human race. Just as God had a plan for His Son, He also has a plan and purpose for you and me. When we live in submission to Him He works it out for His glory and for our joy and fulfillment.

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