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An 11-year old boy used to kick, scream, run and hide, disrupt his classes. He made everybody miserable until a perceptive counselor made a discovery. The boy was acting out because no one ever told him he was doing wrong. When the adults set limits and told him what his punishment would be if he disobeyed, the boy changed and became well-behaved. People today, especially youth, need to know there are consequences when they misbehave. We wish for a God who will give us what we ask him for and ignore our wicked behavior. But in the Bible God makes it clear that sooner or later, we will answer for our deeds. Living as though God does not see or care how we act is wishful thinking. God said through the prophet Nahum, Chapter 1, “The LORD is slow to get angry, but his power is great, and he never lets the guilty go unpunished.” That is good and bad news. It’s bad news for those who inflict injustice on others and think there are no consequences. Their day of punishment will come. It’s good news for those who suffer at the hands of wicked people. They can take comfort knowing our God will see that the wicked get their due.

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