A police chief pulled up to an apartment complex and yelled to the people having a party on a balcony: “You all need to clear out of here as quickly as you can. The storm’s getting worse.” They laughed at the chief and kept right on partying. So he decided to take down their names and next of kin before he left. Shortly afterward winds at 205 miles per hour killed the 20 people on the balcony. We read in Genesis chapters 6-8 that God told Noah to build an ark because God was about to destroy the earth of people who repeatedly had violated his moral laws. Noah warned people as he built, but they just ignored his message to repent. When the ark was completed, Noah entered the ark along with his family and specimens of all the animals. The floods came and destroyed all life outside the ark. The waters subsided a year later and Noah with his family and the animals walked out onto a new earth, extremely grateful they had listened and obeyed God’s warning. Noah’s experience should serve as a warning to us. Unless we repent of our sins and find forgiveness and safety through faith in God’s Son, we will suffer the consequences of our sinful deeds.

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