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Queen Elizabeth is the supreme ruler in Britain, yet in practice, she has very little authority. The British Parliament has the real power. The Queen can advise and encourage, but she cannot dictate laws. Throughout history, the world has seen both good and bad rulers. Some have been ruthless; others compassionate. In America, we’re fortunate to have a democracy. We can select our rulers. Psalm 45 depicts ancient Israel’s description of an ideal ruler. The author pictures a monarch that’s so perfect and majestic that he can only be referring to David’s Son, the coming Messiah. At the same time, the Psalm spells out God’s desire for any person in the place of power. Rulers serve best when they realize they represent the Sovereign God of the universe. Integrity, justice, and humility should characterize anyone who serve as leaders. When they speak, words of wisdom and compassion should flow from their lips. Their goal should be to foster truth and righteousness where they serve. While the psalmist celebrates any leader who rules with integrity, he knows that God’s perfect Ruler is still to come. One day, God’s Son will come to take charge of our world. He will be the perfect Ruler. But until then, God counts on us to pursue righteousness and justice on His behalf.


  • Gary Amadeus says:

    The queen has no authority at all. She is a tourist attraction at best. She is simply a symbol of something better than what currently exists. All be it a poor example. But as for “democracy”;
    Democracy has proven itself NOT to be a good thing. It seems like a good idea, but watch how society slowly slips into a filthy, perverted condition, as we slowly remove the unmovable moral standard of God with each vote. Ultimately, of course, there will be NO democracy. We will be ruled by our God and King Jesus Christ. On that day there will be no votes to see if we should allow the murder of unborn babies, or the perverted union of same sex marriage, or euthanasia of the elderly or disabled. God’s unmovable standard will stand.

    • James Jones says:

      Actually the Queen does still retain powers called the Royal prerogative which is the appointment of the Prime Ministers and the power of veto, command the armed forces (which actually can choose to ignore the government and only listen to her), and to take control in an emergency or war. While she has never outright refused to sign a bill into law, but she has done the next thing from that is is refusing to read it- if she doesn’t read a bill, then it is considered dead, and she isn’t required to sign it. That is how she stopped the PM from pulling more power for himself in declaring war and taking that away from her. She is in charge of the armed forces, and she sees that as serious, when they go to war, she takes personal responsibility upon herself in that matter. In the time of national emergency or war all power reverts back to her, such as the recent terror attacks on London, she was the first person taken to safety and was in charge if the government wasn’t able to act. During WWII most monarchs filled that role as their countries fell and governments fled the monarchs continued with the governments in exile and in the case of Queen of the Netherlands, returned to the country before the politicians did and personally organized the troops into the final battle, that Queen could do the same. Her most important role is the Head of the Commonwealth which does allow her political clout. When the Empire became the Commonwealth the colonies transitioned first to a monarchy, with her as head of state, before some went to republics, and those that made that switch were not allowed to do so until she approved constitutions, which she only did if they were fair and equal, some of course changed after she granted the approval, many got kicked out of the Commonwealth for it (South Africa), and if they went republic first she also oversaw that portion too, and saw a very peaceful graceful ending of the empire that could have been very bloody instead.

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