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The Bible teaches that God created us with a free will. We are free to obey or disobey Him. Yet even when we disobey, God graciously invites us to get back on the right path. An old song called “The Hornet Song” captures how this often works. One stanza says, “If a nest of live hornets were brought into this room, and the creatures allowed to go free, you would not need to make yourself scarce, you’d want to get out, don’t you see! They would not lay hold and by force of their strength, throw you out of the window, oh no! They would not compel you to against your will, but they would just make you willing to go. [The song continues] “When Jonah was sent to do the work of the LORD, The outlook was not very bright. He never had done such a hard thing before, so he backed off and ran from the fight. Now, the LORD sent a great fish to swallow him up, the story I am sure you all know. God did not compel him to go against his will, He just made him willing to go.” Yes, even today, God still respects our free will, and when we get off track, He may send a storm into our life, not because He does not love us, but to entice us to obey Him.

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