Hearsay testimony is seldom allowed in court. One reason is because words spoken outside the court cannot be cross-examined. Courts don’t want to convict somebody based on what was heard that may or may not be true. Before Saul of Tarsus met Jesus on the road to Damascus, His knowledge of Jesus was at best hearsay. Based on what others had said about Him, Saul was convinced Jesus was not the Messiah but a fraud. He felt Jesus’ followers needed to be stopped to keep their religion pure. But that all changed when Saul met Jesus for Himself. We read in Acts chapter 9 that a bright light from heaven blinded him and a voice spoke to him from heaven. Suddenly he realized Jesus was not a fraud. He was who his followers claimed him to be—God in the flesh who taught indisputable truth, was crucified, but was no longer dead because he was now talking with him. The resurrected Jesus was proof He was not a fraud. It is still true that once a person meets Jesus for himself, they soon discover Jesus is no fraud. He is God’s chosen Prophet, Priest, and King, and He is worthy of our total love and surrender.

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