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Harriet Tubman made 19 risky trips to free slaves, using the Underground Railroad. According to one biographer, Tubman she said about her enslaved people, “I’ve heard their groans and sighs, and seen their tears, and I would give every drop of blood in my veins to free them.” Harriet’s faith in God, her passion to see people free, and her perseverance enabled her to lead scores of slaves (some say 300) to freedom. She has been likened to Moses who led Israel out of Egypt; but she can also be compared to the Apostle Paul. He wrote in 2 Corinthians 12 that he was stoned, whipped, imprisoned, shipwrecked, suffered hunger, thirst, persecution from Jews and Gentiles alike, -all because of his intense desire to liberate people from their bondage to sin. Both Harriet Tubman and the Apostle Paul used their God-given abilities to meet the needs of hurting people. Each made intense sacrifices to fulfill God’s purpose for them. Unlike some people today who are so intent on satisfying their personal agenda, these two servants of Christ put others first and as a result they are historic markers for others to follow.

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