Romans 14:21, NLT
It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything else if it might cause another believer to stumble.

Are we indulging in our self-made liberties, or are we exercising grace that helps us as believers to refrain from doing harm to ourselves and others? We sometimes find ourselves struggling with the belief that everything we say and do is right. Our prideful solutions to problems cause sporadic results that are dangerous to us and others. When this happens, we create situations that revolve around a purpose that we feel benefits us, causing others to waver in their Christ-centered morals because they want to fit into our belief system. However, somehow this belief turns into a denial of what’s really best; this is a spirit of selfishness.


In the Scriptures, Paul relays a very valuable lesson: We should never be tempted to engage in temptations that are not pleasing to God, nor should we tailor our beliefs that do not conform to the Word of God to fit someone else. When we do this, we force unpleasing results on ourselves and allow our brethren to follow. When a builder creates a home, he establishes a solid foundation, allowing the home to establish correctly, so that it may not crack or crumble. As Christians, we must keep building on the foundation of the Word so that the spiritual home we are building does not falter or collapse, but is a home where our brethren can come and learn to build as we do. It is the absolute gift of the Holy Spirit that omits weakness in temptations and demonstrates grace to help us overcome. Leaders lead by overcoming that which tries to lead them.


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