Love, Yes Bigotry, No


In a plagued by racial hatred, religious bias, and political rivalries, Jesus; story of the Good Samaritan stands out like Mount Everest against the Indian sky.

It teaches the “in spite of” kind of love. That’s the kind that respects another person and shows genuine concern about his needs “in spite of” his hangups, his political beliefs, his racial or national origin, his attitude, his family background. Only bigots let these things prevent them from helping a person in need. But bigots are people who never get big.

“You have to be little to belittle.”

Check out for yourself in Luke 10:25-37 what Jesus had to say about the Good Samaritan. It could revolutionize your life.

Source: Soul Food: An Illustrated Edition of The Living New Testament, 1967

Text by Henry Soles, Jr., Urban Ministries, Inc in Soul Food


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