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According to Pew research, the gap between upper and middleincome Americans is at a record high. Upperincome families are seven times richer than middle-income ones. And, the same upperincome families are 70 times richer than lowerincome families. The top 1% is worth more than the bottom 90%. Most Americans believe this huge wealth gap is unfair and that our government should play a role in helping to close it. But even more regrettable is that some riches come from taking advantage of the poor. Years ago, God sent his prophet Amos to tell his people that because they were living in luxury by ripping off the poor, they could expect God to intervene and bring judgment. God did not condemn people for being wealthy. In fact, God’s servants Abraham and Isaac were two of the richest men in biblical history.God called Amos to denounce people then and now who oppress the poor to get rich. Sadly, many do it while giving lip service to God. God’s stern message to them in Amos 4:12 is this: “Prepare to meet your God in judgment.”

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