Experts warn us that our contaminated air, water, and soil are seriously damaging life on earth. They say human activity is disrupting the natural order of our environment resulting in fewer life forms of insects, birds, animals, and trees. We are adding harmful chemicals to the air, water, and soil; all have a negative impact on our life and unless we stop it, life on earth will continue to get worse. Yet the Bible is clear that God expects us to take care of the earth. Not only did He assign Adam to do that in the Garden of Eden, we read in Deuteronomy 20:19-20 how God thru Moses told the people never to needlessly chop down trees. In Jonah chapter 4, God expressed his concern for animals. And in Habakkuk 2:17, we see how God punished the Babylonians for destroying the environment. God said, “You cut down the forests of Lebanon. Now you will be cut down. You destroyed the wild animals, so now their terror will be yours.” God is concerned when we needlessly destroy His creation of animals, trees, and innocent people. God expects us to respect and care for all He has created.

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