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Engagement rings go back thousands of years to Africa. They give notice that a man has made a commitment to marry the woman of his choice. Until the wedding itself, they both anticipate the day they will be united in a permanent relationship. An engagement ring reminds us of our Lord’s promise to return and claim us as His bride and be united with us forever. The Apostle Paul explains that God’s Spirit in those who accept Jesus as their Savior us is like having an engagement ring. The Holy Spirit in us is God’s commitment that our glorious day is coming. When our Lord arrives He will exchange our weak mortal bodies for immortal bodies that can never die. Romans CH. 8 tells us that the Holy Spirit in us assures us of a saving relationship with God now, of our access to God’s throne of grace to meet our present needs, and of our glorious future when He returns. Paul says now that we are saved, we “wait with eager hope for the day when God will give us our full rights as his adopted children.” The anticipation of that coming day encourages us to serve our Lord faithfully every day.

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