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In several of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speeches, he spoke of the arc of the moral universe, saying that while that arc is long, it bends toward justice. That may be a paraphrase of the biblical truth that people reap whatever they plant. Ancient Israel proved that often, but especially during the days of the judges. After Moses died, Joshua led the people into the Promised Land. They served Yahweh, their God, until Joshua died. But once he was gone, they turned to worship local deities. In doing so, they violated their covenant commitment to worship God only.  The result was a loss of fellowship with God along with God’s protection and provision. They proved again and again that when we persist in wicked behavior, we pay a price. We may or may not experience the consequence immediately, and delay can deceive us into thinking nothing will ever happen. Yet God declares and experience shows that there is a price to pay for violating God’s moral laws.  So wise people think ahead, realizing that the arc of the moral universe may be long but it bends toward justice. That happens because the God of the universe has decreed we will reap whatever we plant.

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