Dr. Andrew Foster was born in Alabama. He contracted meningitis at the age of eleven and became deaf. Despite his inability to hear, he decided to become a missionary to Africa. Though unable to hear, he worked his way through grammar school, high school, and college to prepare himself. Finally, in 1957 he went to Africa where he busied himself establishing schools for deaf children. He taught, trained teachers, and raised funds to maintain 32 schools. He died in a plane crash in Africa in 1987. The schools he founded still operate today. Saul and Barnabas, like Dr. Foster, had a burning desire to share the Good News with people. We read in Acts CH. 13 that as the leaders of the church in Antioch were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Dedicate Barnabas and Saul for the special work to which I have called them… So sent out by the church in Antioch, these two men went from city to city preaching the Gospel and planting churches. God still wants faithful men and women to represent Him in our world-not just to establish churches, but also to model His love, justice, and righteous behavior wherever they are.

Dr. Melvin E. Banks, Sr.

Dr. Melvin E. Banks, Sr. is the founder and chairman of UMI (Urban Ministries, Inc.). Under his direction, UMI has grown to be a leading publisher of Christian education resources for churches in the African American community. Read More

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