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Fallen Christian leaders like Ted Haggard and Creflo Dollar disturb many people of faith. Not only are they poor examples for the faith community, they defame the name of Jesus Christ. In the book of Daniel, chapter 9, we find Daniel interceding to God on behalf of his people Israel. As he prays, his people are exiles in Babylonia and the city of Jerusalem lies in shambles. Nations nearby mock God as having abandoned the people who claimed they were special to Him. As Daniel lifts his voice in prayer, he does not sugar coat his people’s sins. Yet while he pleads that God would let them go home from exile, his greatest concern is not their return, but God’s glory. He wants to see God’s name honored and respected. Notice how he prays: “We make this plea, not because we deserve help, but because of your mercy. O Lord, hear, O Lord, forgive. For your own sake, do not delay.” One writer said, “If the Lord allowed his sanctuary and Holy City to lie in ruins and his people to remain in exile, surrounding nations would hardly believe that the Lord was true and sovereign over the entire universe.” God delights to answer the prayers of His children. God is even more pleased when our highest desire is to see His will prevail rather than our own.

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  • Donna Farrer says:

    A great lesson in this post. So often we find it hard to give things over to God. But in your last line, that is what we need to always remember. I have found great motivation from posts such as this, and recently a book has really made me get back on track wtih this struggle. How to Win in Life in a Greater Way by Ronald Cooper, ronaldacooper.com. He writes with such passion that you can’t help be stirred, and of course it comes down to faith and how that should guide us! Thank you for this post, it was truly a reminder I needed!

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