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BBishop Desmond Tutu often faced opposition in his struggle against South African apartheid. Once during a worship service, hundreds of police suddenly walked into the sanctuary and lined the walls—all to intimidate him. He said to them: “You are powerful, but you are not gods and I serve a God who cannot be mocked. So, since you have already lost, I invite you today tocome and join the winning side!” The congregation erupted in dance and songbefore the stunned police. Soon afterward, apartheid collapsed. Long ago, God impressed upon the prophet Jeremiah that God is sovereign, which means He does whatever He chooses to do. We read in Jeremiah chapter 18 God told the prophet to go down and watch the potter at work. After seeing how the potter reshaped clay that was not to his liking, God said, “As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand” (v. 6). It’s true—the entire world is subject to God’s sovereign power. God created us with the capacity to obey or disobey Him. The Bible warns us of the consequences when we reject Him, yet the same book promises infinite blessings to those who choose to accept His Son and live by the principles of love and justice.

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