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The American Red Cross is a network of volunteers, donors, and partners. It comes to the aid of people who suffer disasters all over the world. They show up to help in war, fires, floods, or famines–irrespective of politics, race, religion, or ideology. Sadly, there was no Red Cross in the Prophet Joel’s day when a plague of locusts destroyed his country. The critters came in droves and ate up all the crops and greenery, leaving behind a terrible famine that affected land, trees, animals, and people. When disaster strikes, people often do one of two things: They may soul search and turn to God for relief, or they may turn from God, may even curse God for letting it happen. God sent the Prophet Joel to remind his people that God is sovereign. He does whatever He chooses. He may use natural disasters or other means to chastise people. In Joel 2:27, God promised to those who repented, “I will give you back what you lost to the swarming locusts.” God still operates under similar principles-if we repent and turn from injustice and evil, He will heal our land and bless us again.

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