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Years ago, a passenger airplane left Alaska for Korea. Unknown to the pilot, the online computer had a tiny 1.5degree errorunnoticed even hundreds of miles into the flight. Gradually, though, the plane flew into enemy territory. Enemy fighter jets intercepted the plane, shot it down, and everybody on board died. Some choices we make may seem unimportant at first, but they can have devastating outcomes. Perhaps that’s why Gideon wanted to be sure God was directing him to fight the Midianites. We read in Judges Chapter 6 that God gave him the assurance he sought by letting the fleece be wet with dew and later dry. Today we know God can do whatever He pleases, yet He seldom performs miracles like that to reveal His will for us. Rather, God gave us his Word to help us make moral choices that please Him. He may arrange our circumstances to reveal His will. He gives His children His Holy Spirit to nudge us toward his will, and, yes, God may use the advice of wise counselors. God has assured us that when we have a strong desire to do His will and are submissive to Him, He will lead us along the best pathway for His glory and our good.

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