Gary, a 56-year-old man celebrating the home going of his deceased friend, Mrs. Edna McMaster, recalled how at 7-years-of age Mrs. McMaster befriended him. He had been ejected from his school room where he was newly enrolled. Feeling confused and abandoned, the little boy was standing in the school hallway crying. Along came Mrs. McMaster, who listened to the frightened youngster and gave him an assuring hug that everything would be all right. Now 49 years later, he said he could still remember that unexpected big hug she gave him. He said it led to a lifelong relationship with her that only ended as she passed away. Like Edna McMaster, we see in Ruth chapter 2 how Boaz showed kindness to Ruth. This young woman needed a friend because she with her mother-in-law Naomi had just arrived penniless in Bethlehem. Ruth had volunteered to glean leftover barley behind Boaz’s harvesters. When Boaz discovered her, he showed her great kindness. Boaz said he was being kind to Ruth because she had shown such compassion for Naomi and because of her faith the Lord. When we show kindness to others because of our faith in God we often receive unexpected blessings.

Dr. Melvin E. Banks, Sr. is the founder and chairman of UMI (Urban Ministries, Inc.). Under his direction, UMI has grown to be a leading publisher of Christian education resources for churches in the African American community. Read More


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