Hi! I’m Dr. La Verne Tolbert, join me as I host a new show designed to make Sunday School Simple.  Perhaps you’ve seen a few of the trailers but haven’t subscribed yet.


Here are 5 reasons why you should watch:


  1. First, you can become a master teacher by learning skills that will take your teaching to the next level! You’ll learn how to teach God’s word more effectively whether your students are children, teens, or adults,


  1. Next, you can trust the information shared with you!  As part of a dedicated team of biblical scholars, Urban Ministries Inc., founded by Dr. Melvin Banks, has been faithfully committed to providing the most accurate content in creative ways for nearly half a century.  I bring a Master of Arts in Christian Education and a doctor of philosophy degree from Talbot School of Theology to the UMI team of scholars.


  1. Also, we’ll answer your questions and help you find solutions as we study God’s Word together.  With over 25 years of experience training teachers, I’m committed to helping you become the best teacher ever!  So, “come Sunday,” you’re ready!


  1. And guess what? We have what every teacher wants: tips, tools and free stuff!  Each week, we’ll have “downloadable” offers to assist you in teaching your class more effectively.  Your students will be confident that you are organized, equipped, and amazing!


  1. And finally, you’ll connect with a community of teachers and learners who will share ideas and resources. This is the place where iron sharpens iron!  You won’t just learn the lesson, you’ll learn how to study and then teach the lesson creatively and effectively! What more could you ask for?  It’s an answer to prayer.


Just go to YouTube and subscribe to UMI’s “Sunday School Made Simple” channel or visit sundayschoolmadesimple.com to subscribe to the newsletter. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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